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Improvement Plan

Each year, we produce a school Improvement Plan which outlines the key areas we will focus on improving over the next 12 months. We do this with a mindset of continuous improvement: it doesn't matter how good things are already, we are determined to keep making them better and better.

To guide our improvement focus, we use a PACE model. 

  • P stands for 'pedagogy', which is about how we teach
  • A stands for 'attainment', which is a key outcome for all of your students
  • C stands for 'curriculum', which is about what we teach
  • E stands for ethos, which is about how it feels to be a part of our school, and includes the support available

Through a focus on pedagogy, curriculum and ethos, we plan to improve attainment.

Each of our faculties produce their own Improvement Plan, informed by the school plan.

A summary of our 2020-21 school Improvement Plan is available below.