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School Improvement Plans & Reports

Each year, we produce a school Improvement Plan which outlines the key areas we will focus on improving over the next 12 months. We do this with a mindset of continuous improvement: it doesn't matter how good things are already, we are determined to keep making them better and better.

To guide our improvement focus, we use a PACE model. 

  • P stands for 'pedagogy', which is about how we teach
  • A stands for 'attainment', which is a key outcome for all of your students
  • C stands for 'curriculum', which is about what we teach
  • E stands for ethos, which is about how it feels to be a part of our school, and includes the support available

Through a focus on pedagogy, curriculum and ethos, we plan to improve attainment.

Each of our faculties produce their own Improvement Plan, informed by the school plan.

Below you can find copies of our most recent school Improvement Plans and Improvement Reports.