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Currently, a 'Covid-compliant' service is being offered in the Library:

  • S6 Study Period students and scheduled classes only are allowed in the library, capped at 20-25 students.
  • A Borrowing Service is being operated through Microsoft Teams, in conjunction with the English Department.
  • Access to a wider regional collection of books currently is not available.
  • Our author visits are suspended at the moment but we have high hopes of virtual visits in the future. We are working on information literacy classes being offered in hybrid learning mode. 

The Library is a key part of the learning environment in Berwickshire High School and is staffed by an experienced professional librarian. 

  The library tries to:

  • Encourage staff and students to make use of all the materials and facilities as part of the school’s learning process
  • Provide a range of  materials, print and online, related to curricular and leisure use
  • Provide a studious atmosphere which supports research
  • Encourage recreational reading
  • Support staff by providing research materials across the curriculum 
  • Support students by offering a range of learning opportunities related to study, Internet searching, project preparation
  • Arrange for author visits and other live experiences to enhance the library's appeal 
  • Deliver information literacy classes focused on the years S1-3 

 The 'Print Section' of the Library is divided into Fiction, Non-Fiction and Reference areas.

  • The main Fiction Section is organised alphabetically by author. Within the Fiction section we also offer Quick/EasyRead books and graphic novels. 
  • The Reference and Non-Fiction areas are organised by Dewey Decimal System. 

The Library also supports the Careers Advisor by providing prospectuses and work opportunity information. 

Finally, the Library has 16 networked computers and through WiFi allows students to link via their iPads to the Inspire Learning Programme.