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Message from Head Team

Hello, we are Maisie Crilly, Zico Field, Karl McGrath, Alexa McKenzie and Max Reynolds, and we are thrilled to introduce ourselves as Berwickshire High School’s Head Team for the 2023-2024 academic year. Our aim for this year is to uphold the school values and create a lively, supportive atmosphere within the school. We want to do this by exploring and developing new ideas from both the Head Team and the rest of the school. 

One key aim for this year is to promote and assist with the school’s neurodiversity by setting up new peer support groups, encouraging more joint interactions and activities. One of our particular focus areas being integrating the enhanced provision department with the wider school community through organised activities and events. We aspire to be role models for all our fellow students. Students at Berwickshire High School should feel that no matter what your personal circumstances, disability or life choices are, we all belong, are understood and appreciated. We aspire to make our school safe and fully inclusive for all!

A second focus for the Head Team this year is Mental Health. We feel this is an important focus as it is a growing issue for schools across Scotland. We want to create mental wellbeing focus groups which gives students the opportunity to open up and express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

As Head Team, we would like to create a buddying and support system for students with dyslexia. This will be carried out every second week during lunch times, by a member of Head Team who is an ambassador for dyslexia. They will provide help, recommendations on how to cope and learn with dyslexia. This initiative is being led by a member of the Head Team who has had first-hand experience of using what the school has offered our dyslexic students. 

Furthermore, we’d like to have a comment box which will be placed at reception. This will allow students to put suggestions such as new clubs or event ideas for the school, which will be read every 1-2 weeks. This is to continue to develop student voice within our school environment.

Lastly, we’d like to instil confidence and reassurance in the S1 students. To do this we want to add regular meetings with the junior years. In these meetings we will listen to and act on any relevant questions, or concerns they are having in High School. We would also like to create a safe space for all students to access at break and lunch times.

When we leave Berwickshire High School, we hope to leave behind a legacy which surpasses the aims and values of the school. So, this year we are excited to be able to use our voices and actions to better the experience and time of those within the school.

S6 Head Team, 2023-24