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Assessment, Tracking & Reporting


We use continuous informal assessment to monitor and respond to evidence of learning. This includes:

  • Daily Review
  • Weekly Review
  • Questioning
  • Discussion
  • Observing performance

We blend this with periodic formal assessment, which has both formative and summative functions. This includes:

  • Monthly Review
  • End-of-topic Review
  • Mid-Year Review

Tracking & Reporting

Learning Logs

Students' performance in Monthly and End-of-topic Review is recorded in a Learning Log for each subject.  These are shared with parents every 4-6 weeks. They are designed to give up-to-date, formative information about students' progress.

Here is a video explaining when and where you can access them:

Tracking Reports

Three times a year, students are issued with a Tracking Report, completed by their teachers. These are designed to give parents an overview of students' progress towards course targets, effort and behaviour.

Discussing progress with teachers

Parents have the opportunity to discuss their son/daughter's progress with teachers at an annual Parents' Evening. Dates for specific year groups are detailed in our school calendar.

Should you wish to discuss this at any other stage in the school year, please contact your child's Head of House in the first instance.