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Independent Learning

Study techniques

To consolidate and extend their learning from lessons, it is important that students make time to study independently, at home and in non-contact periods. The students who learn the most and achieve the best in assessments are those who work the hardest and go the extra mile. 

However, just because students are studying, doesn't mean they are studying well. Some study techniques are more effective than others. To support students with their study, we have categorised study techniques below:

Ineffective study techniques
  • Reading notes again and again and again
  • Copying from a textbook
  • Re-writing notes
Effective study techniques

Retrieval Practice:

  • Writing notes from memory
  • Making mind-maps from memory
  • Read, cover, write, check, correct
  • Using flash cards
  • Practising questions

S1-3 students

Most students will be studying Level 3 and Level 4 courses in what is known as the Broad General Education. The BBC have produced some excellent resources to support students learn at these levels:

S4-6 students

All senior students should make a Study Timetable to plan their study activities. Their Head of House will support them to create this in PSE lessons.

Guidelines regarding study time are as follows:

  • At National level, this should be a minimum of 1 hour per subject per week (for example, if they are studying six National 5 courses, students should be doing a minimum of six hours study per week).
  • At Higher and Advanced Higher levels, this should be a minimum of 2 hours per subject per week (for example, if they are studying five Higher courses, students should be doing a minimum of ten hours study per week).

Students are encouraged to make regular use of the following websites as part of their weekly study programme:

These websites are free and contain comprehensive course notes and online assessments. The online assessments can be used by students to practise and self-test. They are marked online and give students feedback.