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Please find below some links that you may find useful:

Dyslexia Unwrapped: A dyslexic young person | Dyslexia Scotland - Dyslexia Scotland
Online hub for young people with dyslexia.

Parents and carers: A parent | Dyslexia Scotland - Dyslexia Scotland                                            Information for parents.

Dyslexia explained: Dyslexia Explained | Nessy                                                                                              Useful (often visual) explanations of dyslexia and the difficulties associated with it.

Podcast: Podcast | Dyslexia Scotland - Dyslexia Scotland
A new 4-part series, “Let’s talk Dyslexia” will shed light on the key life and learning experiences of people with dyslexia in Scotland.

Scottish Borders Council Dyslexia Policy: Download here                                                                          Dyslexia Policy | Scottish Borders Council (

Dyslexia Scotland Helpline: 0344 800 8484 or